Monday, June 19, 2006

I am going home, I am going home....... !!!

I am packing my summer clothes, the gifts I bought for my loved ones and I am off to Greece...

I am flying home tomorrow morning, so I guess the next post will be from Greek soil!

I 'll make sure that I keep you up to date with plenty of photos of the beach, the sea and my sisters...

I am going to the lab now, for a couple of hours, and I am taking with some beers and crisps to celebrate !

Sunday, June 18, 2006

London Trip (once again)

This time my trip to London was dedicated to art!
I was joined by two friends of mine, Giannis and Leda( coming all the way down from Leeds!), who provided me with tickets for the Michelangelo sketches at the British Museum.

We spent almost 2 hrs there and we then went for Mexican food... and lots of Sangria. !

Oh, I bought 3 books from a bookshop opposite the Museum...
Homer's Odyssea (in ancient Greek and Latin...) MDCCCLXXXIX which is translated to 1889
Plato's Republic (in ancient Greek, with comments in English) 1892
and The Seven Seas by Rudyard Kipling (Poems) 1896

The long-awaited Michelangelo's sketches

Finally, I've got some photos (taken from the book that I bought from the British Museum) of the sketches that Michelangelo studied through out his life... (and what a life, he died aged 89!!!)

Portait of Michelangelo (1546), engraving by Giulio Bonasone

An old man wearing a hat (Philosopher) 1495-1500

The three crosses (1523)

Study for Adam (1511)

this is a study for a part of the famous Sistine Chapel ceiling (I am missing the hand of God though...)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wrestling with Microsoft Excel...

I've been wrestling with the worksheets of Microsoft Excel since last evening... after 5 cups of strong coffee, 4-5hrs of sleep and some more coffee... I 've finished part of the job, but there is much more left!

wish me luck

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Oh... and some more

These were taken in Psakoudia, Chalkidiki (September 2003)

Before and after the storm

Spooky !!!

These children were not afraid of the fact that they were lying in stone-made coffins ... I remember that I was rather shocked by their spooky behaviour, but finally I realised that children like to play and to reenact scenes from horror movies ... It was funny, after all!

more ...

The following photos were taken in Kirkstall Abbey, about 4 miles from Leeds. The abbey is "one of Britain's best preserved abbeys", being founded in 1152.

A rather old and tired willow tree, reaching for the river's water ...

Old photos...

I am taking a brake from the World Cup Finals...
I am drinking my coffee, listening to fine Jazz music (again) and looking through photos mostly taken in Leeds almost 3 to 4 years ago...

Friday, June 09, 2006

More London ...

a bit of window shopping for my dear friend apousia ...

The statue of Eros, Piccadilly Circus

Two lost Mexican tourists , Regent Street...

Piccadilly Circus Videowall...

London = Shopping Therapy (?)

Therapy ... no way! I was walking on Oxford street at least for 5-6 hours ... I was sooo tired ! The weather was great, sunshine and 25 oC... Any trip with the tube felt like a journey to a tropical island... There is a strange breeze in the tube tunnels ... It is almost magical...
I had a great time. London is so beautiful ! My 6-hour shopping at Oxford Street, with only a break of 30 minutes to eat something in Selfridges ( I had Lebanese lamb kofta with humous and salad accompanied by a cold Heineken! ), was a bit tiring ... but I felt great !

Later, I stopped for a cold Frapuccino at Starbucks somewhere in Carnaby street. It was almost 8.30pm when I've started walking towards Trafalgar Square, and then to Westminster and the River Thames. London felt so warm and summery ... it was a great day out!

I finally caught my train at London Bridge station around 10.11pm

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It 's a beautiful night !

The sky is clear, full of stars... and a shiny silver -almost half, (actually more than half, I've just checked) - moon ! I might go moonbathing !
I am feeling so great ... I feel happy ! I think the song I am listening to is really helping !
The Impossible Dream by Andy Williams ... Simply great !

The photos aren't blurry because of the Ferry Wheel !
I like photos that show motion!
Again, homage' to Paris... I am sorry, but those were my most recent holidays. . .

nite nite !

ps. For those who haven't visited this photo-blog yet, please do so ! And contribute your photos if you can ! Window's view to a new world!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Buddha Bar , Paris ( Xmas 2005)

More photos...
lovely colours + dim lighting + drinks... Check the Buddha himself!!!

If I remember correctly, I drank a Mojito, and a glass of Moet&Chandon

And after that we went to Bastille -actually Place de la Bastille - for pizza (around 3am)
I really enjoyed that night.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

music and photos...

sometimes I feel like looking at photos and listening to music! and nothing else...

and I fly away...

no, I am not tripping, yet!
And certainly I am not on Drugs... and apparently I haven't even tasted any alcohol today. . .

I am going to enjoy the evening by watching the night sky and listening to some really good old funky Jazz ...

c ya there!
If only I had a couple of cold Coronas and/or an Absolut&Cranberry Juice...with lots of lime...!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I had Japanese for dinner...

I left the lab earlier today, and I went for a bit of window shopping ... but it was awful. Too many people...Screaming, pushing you around ... it was just torture...

So, after I stopped at GAP to buy some new fancy underpants, I thought : " what the hell, let's have Japanese tonight!" and I visited my local Wagamama...
I had an Asahi (Japanese Beer), a raw salad - with plenty of red onion and spicy, garlicky dressing, and my main course was grilled-in-the-wok tiger prawns and Red Chilli, green peppers, onion, corriander cooked in coconut and lime sauce served with Japanese style rice...Simply Delicious!