Thursday, December 27, 2007

Its been a while eh?

Hello Soldier!

So bored here, I took the initiative to post something. God, this blog needs some serious updating!

Anyways.....Memento is in the Army. He received a letter in August saying that he needed to do his military service blah blah blah...So, now he is in a hospital learning how to kinda "nip tuck" wounds and some other stuff I wouldn't know.

Thats all for now!

Wishing you all, joy and happiness for a really HaPPy NeW Year!


Blogger Σπιτόγατος said...

Βρε ζούνε τελικά τα παιδιά!! Κι έλεγα πως αφήσατε το μάταιο τούτο κόσμο της μπλογκόσφαιρας...
Άντε και καλή θητεία στο memento!
Καλή χρονιά σε όλους σας και καλά να περνάτε!
Και να χαμογελάτε!

06 January, 2008 00:03  
Anonymous little one said...

Kalh xronia kai se sena spitogate! Na 'sai kala kai na niaourizeis pio syxna giati k sy mas eleipses apo thn blogosfaira ;)

Ante kai sta dika sou! (an den exeis paei akomh fantaraki ;P)

06 January, 2008 18:13  
Anonymous meagain said...



27 January, 2008 21:43  
Blogger *little angel* said...



28 January, 2008 18:17  
Blogger *little angel* said...

purrrrrrr :)

09 March, 2008 01:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr u back

09 March, 2008 12:14  
Anonymous meagain said...

gotta love purring eh? ;)

15 March, 2008 17:51  

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