Sunday, February 26, 2006


I was looking through the photos from Paris, when I stopped to stare at the following one.

This photo was taken in St Germain bullevard, or at least I can remember that we were near St Germain. This guy, an asian guy, was producing masterpieces out of beetroots, carrots, swedes and parsnips... He was amazing!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Cape Farewell Arctic Voyage

Sea ice, Spitsbergen Archipelago 2003.

Last night I was watching BBC4, when I realised that this week is the "Climate Chaos" season on BBC4. Plenty of great documentary about Global warming, El Nino, Sea level rise, and a brilliant 1hour long movie about an expedition into the High Arctic. Cape Farewell is a charitable organisation made possible through sponsorship and partnerships. Cape Farewell brings artists, scientists and educators together to collectively address and raise awareness about global warming. Created by David Buckland, Cape Farewell has led three expeditions into the wild, beautiful and icy High Arctic, a place for artistic inspiration and scientific enquiry.

Cape Farewell aboard The Noorderlicht (46m schooner) at anchor in an area of broken sea ice, Spitsbergen 2003.

On board the 100-year old Dutch schooner, The Noorderlicht, Cape Farewell has sailed right to the heart of the debate. From this vantage point the artists and scientists aim to illustrate the workings of this crucial part of the planet, drawing attention to the role ocean currents play and the effect rising CO2 levels and changing weather patterns will have on us all and our climate.

Great TV !

photos were taken from the official Cape Farewell site

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Athens 2004 Vs Wembley 2006 !!!

British press was responsible for a number of vile articles on the 2004 Olympic games in Athens. Most of the articles were targeting the slow progress of the construction in most of the Olympic venues. (By googling the words Athens 2004 and Delays ... you are bombarderd with tonnes of articles).

I was feeling rather humiliated by those articles...instead of feeling elated and proud, I was disappointed. Greece has been waiting for its turn to host the games for more than a century, and now, everything was ruined! According to world media, the venues wouldn't be ready on time for the games, terrorism threat was an imminent one, and most of the people who trully wanted to attend the Games were put off by those news.
Unfortunately, for the vile media that is, the venues were ready on time and the opening ceremony was a success...
I was finally elated and really proud being Greek... The way our history unraveled during the ceremony reminded me that!

Now it's a British football stadium which is the target of several similar articles.
In the Athens Games the opening ceremony was on time and in venue. The FA cup final now has been moved from its venue (new Wembley Stadium) to Cardiff's Millennium stadium, and England's friendly games have been moved to other venues. What goes around, comes around !

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Worst Jobs in Science

Pain, Tedium, Danger, Disgust, Humiliation—It's all just part of the average workday for the (often proud, more often smelly) members of the third annual honor roll of the Worst Jobs in Science.
The ten worst jobs in Science (for 2005), in descending order, are :

10.Orangutan-Pee Collector. Their work is noninvasive—for the apes, that is . . .
9.NASA Ballerina. Her dance partner is a supersensitive Robo
8.Do-Gooder. Bugs, bears, and a melting earth—you call this a vacation?
7.Semen Washer. It's a job that separates the boys from the men
6.Volcanologist. When the earth heats up, they head in
5.Nuclear-Weapons Scientist. They've mastered fusion. Next up: Filing
4.Extremophile Excavator. Never has success smelled less sweet
3.Kansas Biology Teacher. On the front lines of science's devolution
2.Manure Inspector. The smell is just the start of the nastiness
1.Human Lab Rat. Warning: Pesticides are bad for you

Can you believe that there are some friends of mine who find disgusting the fact that I work with fruit flies?
According to the previous poll I am rather lucky working with fruit flies!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Quail Hunting season in Texas...

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife website, there are specific dates for hunting. A detailed table gives the dates of hunting season for the state of Texas, grouped by animal. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the dates for hunting wealthy Texan attorneys (ie. Mr Harry Whittington )!!!

So, I guess Vice-president Dick Cheney made a grave error and shoot Mr Whittington. Apparently Mr Cheney was aiming for a fat quail while Mr Whittington was in the line of fire and got peppered pretty well!
Poor guy. Get well soon Mr Whittington!

I am not buying the rumour that Cheney mistook Mr Whittington for a quail... although, I hate to admit that there is a similarity.

taken from

check the timeline of the incident on

Monday, February 13, 2006

NY City : The Day after tomorrow !!!

A snowstorm is hitting hard New York City and the north-east states. Record snowfall during last night, 68 cm of snow in one night!!!

The Day After Tomorrow, indeed!

photos taken from

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Let the Games begin!

The XX Torino Winter Olympic Games have officialy began. I didn't watch the whole Opening ceremony, but I was lucky enough to witness the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron, which was literally torched by the fireworks at the Olympic Stadium.
Then, it was Pavarotti's turn to light fires... great stuff. And lets not forget, these games are Winter games, it was really cold out there, fires are good!!! (Apparently, during the opening ceremony of the 1994 Winnter games in Lillehammer, Norway, the temperature was -20something. That must have been much colder...)

I will try to get some inside information and news from Torino. A friend of mine, and occasional reader of the blog, is living in the area, so I guess I can ask him for his views. That is if I am lucky enough and contact him on time!

Enjoy the Games

The photo accompanying the text in this post is taken from the official Torino XX Winter Games page.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What war is really about...

This video accompanied with the song "No Bravery" by James Blunt, was posted in another blog, Terrorism News.

Stop this stupid war... and try to avoid starting a new one!

Children deserve to live.

The video is quite graphic, so for the faint-hearted is a no-no!

Stupid wars

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Macabre Billboard

I found this billboard on
This is an advertisment for Funeral Services.

Funny as hell ... but someone might think that they 've gone too far !!!