Thursday, March 22, 2007

I am off ...

Guys and Girls,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I 'll try to keep in touch during my "holidays" in Greece.

Enjoy your Easter Holidays and Take care !

Easter in Ormilia, April 2003

The photo that accompanies the words is a photo taken on Easter of 2003, which was the last Easter I spent in Chalkidiki!

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Blogger natasha said...

Have a safe trip!!!

Hope you'll have a great time in Ormylia!!! And don't work too much ... try to find some time to relax a bit as well (I'll keep my fingers crossed for you ;-) ).

Take care!


PS: After how many shots of tequila did you take that picture??? ... Take it easy on the tequila this time ;-)))))

22 March, 2007 08:49  
Blogger Σπιτόγατος said...

Κοίτα να περάσεις όσο πιο καλά μπορείς! Και όποτε το θυμάσαι μας γράφεις και τα νέα σου...
Καλό Πάσχα!

22 March, 2007 10:05  
Blogger *little angel* said...

Happy Easter all and especially to you memento. Damn everytime people are on hols or theres a bank holiday you gotta work. That sucks!But I m sure you 're enjoying it!

Have loadsa fun sweetie! :D

27 March, 2007 00:03  
Blogger Memento aka a moment in life said...

finally , I am in greece... Great weather ... it is f&%king Cold....!!!

Thank you all for your sweet words of support !

I am enjoying the tsipouro and/or coffee outings with my brother and friends.

take care,
will talk again soon

@ lille angie: my support and thought are with you, you are a hardworking girl yourself... sweet u back !

27 March, 2007 07:57  
Anonymous little angel said...

bloody greek weather!This is worse than UK :/

Be prepared for your driving lesson mr! ;)


29 March, 2007 23:10  
Blogger mtdoggie said...

καλα να περασεις και μην ξεχασεις να επιστρεψεις με φωτο απο το φετινο Πασχα!

29 March, 2007 23:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

καλο Πασχα φιλε μου σε σενα και την οικογενεια σου! καλα να περασεις στη Χαλκιδικη και φυλαξε λιγη ορεξη και για το καλοκαιρι ;-)

04 April, 2007 11:08  
Blogger natasha said...

Happy Easter to Π.Α.Σ.Π. Π.Τ.Δ.Ε., Little Angel and especially to you, Memento, and your family!!!

Hope the holidays will be pleasant for all of you and you have a great time (despite having to work)!!!

PS: Memento, is there something wrong with your cell phone??? ... Cause everytime I try to call you I only get your voice mail...

06 April, 2007 09:33  
Blogger Polyelaios Amin said...

Kai ti de tha dina na troga pitsa kai loukanika autes tis meres sto Fori kai na pina retsines.Xristos Anesth kai Megas ...Polyelaios Amin
Elpizo na ta poume suntoma kai oxi me ta Xaki

11 April, 2007 15:39  
Blogger Σπιτόγατος said...

Βρε πού χαθήκατε;;;
Σας έπεσε βαρύ το αρνί;;;

18 April, 2007 19:52  
Blogger natasha said...

Come on Memento ... where are you????? Talk to us!!!

25 April, 2007 23:38  
Blogger Memento aka a moment in life said...

I am Alive... my internet connection is really really poor , I cant send emails, I cant post comments, I am rarely lucky to read ur comments guys and girls!

I am working hard, trying to update the "hardware and software" of the restaurant and the Hotel... I am returning in England probably around 7th of May but I'll be staying there only for a week...

anyway, I am currently looking for a DSL connection to hook myself up !!!

@ natascha: I got ur email, but unfortunately I cant reply...
great photos though! Venice looks great, and the weather even better!!!

26 April, 2007 12:59  
Blogger natasha said...

I'm glad to hear that you're still alive ... hope you enjoy your remaining days in Greece before you go on "vacation" to the UK ;-).

Anyway, maybe I'll call you when you're back in the UK ... or you call me. Until then, take care!!!


26 April, 2007 17:37  
Blogger Σπιτόγατος said...

Καλό μήνα παιδιά!!!
Περιμένουμε ποστ!!!

02 May, 2007 23:03  
Anonymous *little angel* said...

Indeed kalo mhna, alla me kathysterhsh enos! For gods sake memento make a post! I hope all of yas are good ;)


02 June, 2007 11:24  
Blogger Σπιτόγατος said...

Ρε παιδιά! Σαν πολύ δεν κράτησαν αυτές οι πασχαλινές διακοπές; Καλοκαίριασε!!!

05 July, 2007 10:11  
Blogger Michalis said...

Πολύ καλή δουλεία !!! Συγχαρητήρια !!! Αν θες να δεις αστεία βίντεο μπορείς να επισκέπτης :// όπου εκεί μπορείς να βρεις συλλογές από επιλεγμένα αστεία βίντεο. Απόλαυσε…

04 September, 2007 22:20  
Blogger *little angel* said...

Wow its been so long since the last time I was here.

Just saying HeLLo0o0o0!

Hope you're having a great time in the ARMY doc. ;)

27 December, 2007 22:48  

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