Saturday, March 11, 2006

The weekend is here!

No new words today and tomorrow... Enjoy the weekend, by going out for a stroll, watching a movie, go pub crowling etc.

I had only a couple of hours worth of sleep after a really great dinner party in Brighton. Plenty of food with a variety of tastes and colours (mainly north African and mediterranean cousine), an overflow of wine (Red, Rose and White and even the bubbly stuff, Moet& Chandon)and last but certainly not least there was the luscious desserts!
What a feast! I do applaud the great effort of our hosts, Andrew & Christina ...
I really enjoyed the whole party, it was cosy and funny and all of the guests were having fun throughout the evening!

I am bit tired right now... I feel sleeeeppppppppppppppppyyyyy..........zzzzzzzzzzzz


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