Sunday, March 05, 2006

Am I getting older ?

I suppose so! ... Apparently, everyone is getting older.

I found this photo, where I am wearing those cute little shoes and a really fancy looking red shorts and t-shirt... and I look rather happy/confused. It seems like I was praying.

This photo was taken around 1982 (I think)

The next one is the photo that I use in my profile... I was a very imaginative boy... If I remember correctly, I was using this wine box as a car/boat/airoplane/even as a spaceship.
But most of the time I was rowing away in that small wine box, embarking on several long journeys. It was magical!

This photo was taken in 1984

Great times


Blogger *Little Angel* said...

what a cute lil boy you USED to be.. :P

In the first pic u seem like you are wondering: "hmm how should i pose now?"

I personally love the second one. You look so happy!

******** 80's Rock!********

06 March, 2006 12:37  
Blogger natasha said...

cute as always...

in the first pic you look like you got caught doing something you weren't supposed to do - maybe hence the praying (for a mild punishment ;-) ) ... the cap looks very stylish.

06 March, 2006 13:51  

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